Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Fatherly Affection - Bryan Schroeder
Can I Come to Your Church - Michael Sitko
Foolish & Slow to Believe - Bryan Schroeder
True Community - Mike Sitko
Better Together - Steve Kennedy
A Father in Waiting - Bryan Schroeder
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The Destiny of Cities - Pt 1.
The Destiny of Cities Pt 2.
What is SOZO
Kingdom Encounters
War Room
The Art of Hearing God

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Looking to make this a community effort.
Check Out Christian Education
Back to School for K - 8.
Fund Raising Begins Click Here to Contribute
In Phase I the old church gets a new roof.
Check in with the Ripple Centre and see whats happening.
Click Here to watch
Get equipped by some of our Nations top rated speakers and ministry guests from the comfort of your own home.
Click Here to enroll
Looking for a place to do a fall intership, consider our Nations Capital with the folks from NHOP.
4MYC Robert & Faytene Grasseschi
Stay up to date with changes in our government from a christian perspective and find opportunities to serve.
Travis & Paulina serve as kingdom ambassadors to both Haiti & Costa Rica

Welcome Here

Welcome Here
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